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L.B. Foster Company Quality Policy
L.B. Foster Company is committed to meeting customer expectations and increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of its products, services and the quality management system.

ISO 9001 Certification   PCI Certified   NPCA Certified
  • Efficiently Manufacture Safe, Quality Products
  • Minimize Waste By:
    » Recycling
    » Pollution Prevention
  • Strong Customer Focus
  • Continuous Sustainable Improvement (CSI)
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CXT buildings-Tough as Mother Nature
  • Engineered to maintain their aesthetics in extreme conditions.
  • Can withstand snow, wind, water and zone-4 seismic loads.
  • All of the buildings shown above are still in use today.
Withstanding Mother Nature's Forces
According to the weather service and the U.S. Geological Survey, Hurricane Ike's main peak surge happened within 2 to 4 miles of where Wildlife Biologist, Patrick Walther's office was located in the Texas Chenier Plains Refuge Complex in Sabine, Texas. Estimates indicate that the surge height was 18 to 19+ feet.Stated Walther, "The impacts were both impressive to see mother nature's power or depressive to see the place you work leveled. But standing firm by the entrance road was the CXT concrete building. The force of the water and waves moved the building approximately 6 to 9 feet, but other than the plumbing being broken, the restrooms were fine. Not a vent or window damaged."

Warranty Information
Contact: Brian Hall

Replacement Parts Ordering
Call 800-663-5789 or click the button below to order replacement parts.

Customer service representatives are available from 7:00AM to 3:30PM Mountain Time Monday thru Friday.

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Maintenance Information
The following maintenance videos will assist you on what to do at building start up and how to clean and maintain faucet and flush valve fixtures.

Line Flushing & Building Startup
Extremely important; please watch this video before building start up.

How to Clean Out Flush Valves
Do your flush valves not shut off or run continuously? Does your water closet not flush or not flush completely? Watch this video.

How to Clean Out Faucet Valves
Do your faucets drip or not shut off? Watch this video.

CXT Green Buildings

Government Services
GSA provides centralized procurement for the federal government, offering billions of dollars worth of products, services, and facilities that federal agencies need to serve the public.

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GSA Products & Options:
• Vault Restrooms• Flush Restrooms
• Shower Buildings• Multipurpose Buildings

Government Services
CXT Concrete Buildings has been awarded Sourcewell CONTRACT #030117-CXT for playground and recreation related equipment, accessories and supplies. Sourcewell contracts are nationally solicited, competitively bid and awarded on behalf of Sourcewell current and potential government and education member agencies. The Sourcewell contract provides its members a turnkey solution for our high quality, low maintenance, prefabricated concrete, buildings.

Pricing information can be obtained by contacting:
Gary Burger, National Sales Manager
ffice: (800) 696-5766
Cell: (254) 717-0912