CXT Incorporated

CXT Incorporated, a subsidiary of L.B. Foster Company, is a leading manufacturer of precast concrete buildings, burial vaults, storm shelters, bridge beams, box culverts, agricultural products such as freezeproof waterers and feed bunks, along with other pre-stressed and precast concrete products. We also offer steel products such as shade shelters to accompany our concrete buildings, and ISO containers used for utility applications.

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L.B. Foster Company Quality Policy
L.B. Foster Company is committed to meeting customer expectations and increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of its products, services and the quality management system.

Multi-Site Registrations

L.B. Foster has developed a top level quality/business operations management system manual within the L.B. Foster Rail Business North America (NA) Group and are part of a multi-site registration. The scope of the quality/business management system, including details of and justification for any exclusions for each location within the multi-site registration is described in the following certificate of registration.

Other Certifications

  • PCI Certified Plant (Nampa, Hillsboro, Waverly)
  • NPCA Certified Plant (Nampa, Waverly)
  • ISO 4001:2015 (Hillsboro)

EHS & Quality Benefits

  • Efficiently Manufacture Safe, Quality Products
  • Minimize Waste By:
    » Recycling
    » Pollution Prevention
  • Strong Customer Focus
  • Continuous Sustainable Improvement (CSI)
PDF  Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability Policy
CXT Incorporated